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May 2023

A Message From your 4 H Youth Educator Heather VonDielingen

Dear 4-H Families,

April was a busy month! There were workshops, 4-H club meetings, 4-H Council flower fundraiser, Performing Arts Contest, beef and dairy beef ID Day, and camp counselor training. Thanks to all of our staff and 4-H Volunteers who make these experiences possible. We are so excited that two Jackson County youth have been chosen as 4-H Camp Counselors: Brynn Burton and Taylor Smith. Congratulations!

May 15th is quickly approaching and that means animals need to be completely identified in 4-H Online. If you plan to show animals at the Jackson County Fair, be sure to check your mail for information that went out to youth in each species. Please be sure to read through the entire newsletter, as a lot of important reminders, events, and dates are included. If you have questions about any of the opportunities you read about, let me know!

We are excited for the Jackson County Fair! The dates for the fair are July 23 - 29, 2023. Included in this newsletter is a 2023 Jackson County 4-H Fair

Schedule. Please note where livestock shows will be held in 2023! There are a few changes for 2023. On the schedule, “Show Arena 1” is the show

arena that has been around for several years! “Show Arena 2” is the new show arena, located near the FFA Building. There will be a special rabbit and poultry

show area as well, more information to come from the Jackson County Fair Board. Please remember decisions for the 2023 schedule were made for what

is best for the entire 4-H program. We do appreciate everyone being flexible and understanding with an updated schedule! There are only a few minor changes for 2023.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to re- enroll for the 2023 4-H Program Year. Just a reminder that if you have not yet paid your program fees, make plans to stop by the Extension Office as soon as possible. Animal identification information cannot be entered until your program fees have been paid and you are in “active” status. Youth will be receiving their project manuals in the next few months during their club meetings. It is never too early to start planning your projects! We have a variety of resources availabe in the Extension Office for purchase, check out the newsletter for prices and more information.

With 4-H Spirit,

Heather VonDielingen, 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator

County Extension Director

What's New in

Jackson County4-H?

Project Resources for Sale in the Extension Office

We keep a variety of project resources in the Extension ​Office for your convenience. Stop by if you would like ​to purchase the following resources:

Foam Poster Board: $4.00

Plastic Sleeves: $1.00

Entomology Boxes: $16.00

Entomology Pins: $6.00

Beginning Cake Decorating Kit: $12.00

Replacement Livestock Resource Book: $20.00

Replacement 4-H Manuals: $6.00

Prices are subject to change when current inventory runs out,

due to pricing changes from our vendors.

We will revise the pricing list when current inventory runs out.

Purchase your fair supplies as soon as possible to get these prices!

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Handbook ​Changes

The Handbook can be viewed by visiting: ​https://bit.ly/JacksonCounty4-HHandbook2023

or click the handbook photo!

  • State Project changes were minimal this year. You can visit ​https://bit.ly/INStateProjects to see all State Project exhibit ​guidelines.
  • Name Change: Sewing for Fun is now "Seams Fun". Mini 4-H ​"Models" has been changed to "Construction and Architectural ​Replica".
  • Beef Project: There will be an "All Other Breeds" class for any ​breed (not identified in the handbook) represented by less ​than 2 animals in their breed for steers and heifer classes. See ​handbook for more details
  • Poultry Project: A Commercial Class has been added. See ​handbook for more details
  • Horse Project: An Open Walk/Trot Class has been added.
  • Rabbit Project: Will follow ARBA guidelines, see handbook for ​all details.

Opened Stage Curtain
Opened Stage Curtain

Performing Arts Judging Results

These 3 acts advanced to the Area 2 Contest that took place April 28th. We cant wait to hear how they did!

Grand Champion: Carly Kaiser

Reserve Grand Champion: Marlo Cornn

3rd Place Overall: Sophia and Emma Doriot

Special Thank you to Emmanuel - Seymour Campus for the use of your facility! Also, a very special thank you to Shaun Kendall for all of his sound equipment and expertise!

What's New in

Jackson County4-H?

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  • 98 Volunteers Approved!! They have completed their required trainings!!
  • 6 Volunteers that need to finish their trainings!!!
  • Some haven't started the process for this year at all!!!

If you don't know the status of your volunteer enrollment, please call the office ASAP!

Reminder, you should be an approved volunteer before interacting with our 4-H youth!!

If you interested in becoming a volunteer, call the Extension Office for more information!


Year round opportunities are available to develop your skills as a volunteer!

Volunteers are essential in making the 4-H Program a success!

Thank you to all the Beef and Dairy Beef volunteers that made Beef ID day a Successful day!










Rabbit & Poultry: The 4-H Livestock and ​Auction Committee and Jackson County 4-H ​Council approved these two species to be sold ​in the 4-H Livestock Auction, as long as there is ​a market for the animals. A Letter was sent out ​with more information! Be sure that you have ​completed the survey if you plan to order meat ​pen animals from your committees.

Swine: The 4-H Swine Committee worked ​together to come up with a process for picking ​up tags for swine! You should have received a ​letter in the mail and an email with this ​information. If you have not received the ​information, please contact the Extension ​Office at 812-358-6101.

Entry Deadlines

All beef and dairy beef steers, commercial ​heifers, registered heifers, and dairy & beef ​feeder steers must be identified by midnight, ​May 15th in the 4-H Online system.

All animals except cat, dog, and poultry will ​need to be identified in the 4-H Online ​system by May 15th. All rabbits must be ​entered in 4-H Online again this year by the ​May 15th deadline. Specific instructions will ​be mailed to all cat, dog, and poultry ​exhibitors to put their identification ​information in Fair Entry prior to the fair.

Indiana 4-H Animal ID Requirements ​for 2023

In Jackson County, we follow all ​State 4-H Requirements for Animal ID.

Click the Clover to see Indiana 4-H Animal ID ​Requirements for 2023

Thanks to our Livestock and Auction ​Committee, tags are provided free of ​charge to 4-H members.

Livestock Members: This year, Purdue ​Extension has adopted a program to replace ​YQCA. Indiana 4-H Quality Livestock Care ​Certification will be required for all Indiana 4-H ​members showing livestock: pigs, beef cattle, ​dairy cattle, sheep, goats, market rabbits and ​poultry.

Classes for 2023 will be held in the Old ​Courtroom of the Jackson County Courthouse ​(2nd Floor).

June 5th 9:30 a.m.

June 20th 1:00 p.m.

June 29th 6:00 p.m.

If you choose to utilize YQCA instead, that is ​acceptable, but you will need to take that ​course online and upload a copy of your ​certificate in Fair Entry in June/July.

Sign up ​now!

DNA Hair Samples

Market Steers (Beef, Dairy Beef), Registered Heifers, ​Commercial Heifers, Dairy Feeder Steers, Dairy Cattle, ​Goat, Sheep and Swine DNA Hair Sample Collection:

Youth wishing to show their beef and dairy beef steers ​at the 4-H Show at the Indiana State Fair must collect ​DNA hair samples. Envelopes to collect the samples ​are available at the Extension Office. Samples must be ​turned in to the Extension Office by May 15th


Livestock ID DAYS:

Beef, Dairy Beef, and ​Feeder Steer ID Day

Goat and Sheep ​ID Day

Thursday, May 4 - 6-8 pm

Saturday, May 6 - 8-10 am

Large white swine in pen

Swine ID Day

You should have received a ​letter with information! Plan ​to bring your ID form to pick ​up your tags at the Extension ​Office on May 11th between ​5:00 -7:00 p.m.!

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Junior Leaders visited Excel Manufacturing at the April Meeting

May Meeting

Tuesday, May 9th

7-8:30 p.m.

Driftwood State Fish Hatchery

4931 S 250 W

Vallonia, IN

Chairperson - Addy Coomer

Citizenship Report - Macy Casner

Recreation - Bryan Brewer

Health & Safety - Brynn Burton

Refreshments - Committee

Unpaid Dues $3.50

Recent Workshops

Vet Science Workshop

Grades K-12 were invited to join the 4-H Vet Science Workshop.

Ten 4-H Members attended.

Meet the surprise animal guest from the 4-H Vet Clinic Workshop! The members got to meet an alpaca, a skunk, and ducklings. A big thank you to Dr. Peelman at Seymour Animal Hospital for making this experience possible for the second year!

Workshops to watch for

Sign up ​now!

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The juntos 4-H Program

Juntos means "Together" in Spanish. The Juntos program works to unite community partners to provide Latino youth (8th - 12th grade) and their parents with the knowledge, skills, and resources to prevent youth from dropping out and to encourage families to work together to gain access to fulfilling careers and higher education.


Formal partnership between Purdue ​University and Seymour Community School ​Corporation. Cohorts will be added each ​fall and students will be supported until ​they graduate high school.

Aeroponic Grow Towers

Achiever's 4-H Club Members are tracking the growth of the vegetables planted in the aeroponic grow towers. The club members each planted seeds and transplanted them into the grow towers. They will get to harvest and enjoy the vegetables they grew at an upcoming club meeting!

Heather Vondielingen

Juntos 4-H advisor and

Interim Statewide Juntos 4-H Coordinator

Brooklynn Rennekamp

Juntos 4-H Program Assistant

Iveth Vasquez

Juntos 4-H Site Coordinator

Edwin Flores

Juntos 4-H Success Coach

Area and State Happenings


Contact the Jackson County Extension Office ​if you are interested in attending any of these ​State and National 4-H Opportunities!

Follow the 2023 State 4-H Junior ​Leader Conference Facebook Page

Pin on a Calendar

Calendar of Upcoming Events!

Thur May 4 - Sheep and Goat ID Day

Sat May 6 - Sheep and Goat ID Day

Sun May 7 - Rabbit and Poultry Workshop

Thur May 11 - Swine ID at Extension Office

Thur May 18 - 4-H Council

June 2 - 4 - Area 2 4-H Camp

Tue June 6 - Sewing Workshop (8th Grade & Up Only)

Tues June 6 - Mini 4-H Day Camp

June 7- 9 - 4-H Academy at Purdue

Thurs June 8 - Sewing Workshop

Sat June 10 - Statewide Rabbit and Poultry Workshop at Jackson County

Tues June 13 - Area 2 Tractor Contest

Tues June 13 - Sewing Workshop

June 14 & 15 - Nature Camp

Thur June 15 - Sewing Workshop

Tues June 20 - Photography Workshop

Tues June 20 - Sewing Workshop

Tues June 20 - Livestock and Auction Committee Meeting

Thur June 22 - Purdue Agribusiness Science Academy for Juntos 4-H

Thur June 22 - Sewing Workshop

June 24 - 26 - 4-H Band & Chorus at Purdue

June 26 - 28 - 4-H Round Up at Purdue

Donations to the

Jackson County 4-H Endowment can ​be made any time by visiting https://in4h.org/my-best-gift/donate/ ​Be sure to type “Jackson County 4-H ​Endowment” in the “Gift Notes” ​section when making your donation.

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